1) (of the mind: mental illnesses/disorders.) mental
2) (done or made by the mind: mental arithmetic; a mental picture.) mental
3) (for those who are ill in mind: a mental hospital.) psiquiátrico
4) (suffering from an illness of the mind: a mental patient.) mental
- mentally
mental adj mental / psíquico

mental adjetivo mental
mental adjetivo mental 'mental' also found in these entries: Spanish: bloqueo - cabeza - cacao - deficiencia - desequilibrio - juicio - loquería - manicomio - mermar - meter - paliza - retrasada - retrasado - retraso - viveza - cálculo - crueldad - deficiente - desfase - enfermedad - facultad - incapacidad - loco - minusvalía - perturbado - psiquiátrico - uso English: agony - anguish - asylum - block - comfortable - disorder - distress - feeble-mindedness - form - fortitude - handicapped - judgemental - judgmental - mental - mental age - mentally ill - pain - power - retardation - strain - strength - thought process - unsound - can - comfort - dimwit - discomfort - endurance - handicap - intelligence - interior - inward - mentally - mind - sanity - spirit
1 (of the mind) mental
mental effort esfuerzo mental
mental health salud mental
2 (in the mind) mental
mental arithmetic cálculo mental
mental block bloqueo mental
mental note nota mental
3 familiar pejorative (mad) chalado,-a, tocado,-a
mental age edad nombre femenino mental
mental defective pejorative (person) subnormal nombre masulino o femenino
mental deficiency deficiencia mental
mental handicap disminución nombre femenino psíquica
mental home / mental hospital (hospital nombre masculino) psiquiátrico
mental patient enfermo,-a mental
mental ['mɛntəl] adj
: mental
mental hospital: hospital psiquiátrico
mentally adv
mental adj.
1) (before n) <powers/illness> mental; <hospital/patient> psiquiátrico

mental age — edad f mental

to make a mental note of something — tomar nota de algo mentalmente

2) (mad) (BrE colloq) (pred)

to be mental — estar* chiflado (fam)

1. ADJ
1) (=not physical) [development, health, effort] mental

the stigma attached to mental illness — el estigma vinculado con las enfermedades mentales

I formed a mental picture of what he looked like — me formé una imagen mental de cómo era

to make a mental note of sth — tomar nota mentalmente de algo

2) (Brit) * (=crazy) chiflado *

he must be mental — debe estar chiflado *


mental age N — edad f mental

mental arithmetic N — cálculos mpl mentales

mental block N — bloqueo m mental

mental cruelty N — crueldad f mental

mental handicap N — retraso m mental

mental healing N(US) cura f mental

mental home, mental hospital N — hospital m psiquiátrico, manicomio m

mental institution N — institución f para enfermos mentales

mental patient N — paciente mf psiquiátrico(-a)

mental powers N — poderes mpl mentales

* * *
1) (before n) <powers/illness> mental; <hospital/patient> psiquiátrico

mental age — edad f mental

to make a mental note of something — tomar nota de algo mentalmente

2) (mad) (BrE colloq) (pred)

to be mental — estar* chiflado (fam)

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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